Top 10 Characteristics That Make a Great Medical Expert

By: Michael Lavinger, Esq., Director at Medilex

Experts are like diamonds. That’s not a comparison based on value; rather, it’s because they're multifaceted.

I’m hesitant to believe that any expert is perfect, but there are numerous factors to consider about an expert. Here’s a list of my top ten, not in any order.

  1. Qualifications (including positions, boarding, societies)

  2. Teaching—current or prior

  3. Publications

  4. Medical-legal savvy (which typically only comes with experience, but not always)

  5. How logically they think

  6. How accessible/how easy they are to work with

  7. How well/clearly they speak

  8. How well/clearly they write

  9. Cost

  10. Ability to cover multiple fields (helping to avoid additional experts)

Over the past 27 years, I've had the opportunity to evaluate medical experts based on these criteria and incorporate only the best into our roster of experts in 170+ medical specialties.

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