Triage is a free, no-obligation telephone case-analysis with our director, who combines the broad-based medical knowledge derived from devoting the past 27+ years to analyzing more than 15,000 complex medical-legal cases with actual practice as an attorney and an intimate appreciation of the spectrum of medical specialties. Triage advice is not easily categorized. It is not exactly medical; it is not really legal either. Analytical skills, legal training, detail orientation, and methodical nature combined with unparalleled medical-legal experience produce the unique medical/legal/logical/pragmatic amalgam that is Triage, helping to maximize attorney profitability and reduce attorney cost simultaneously. Medilex Triage can help you:

  • Decide whether to accept a case initially and/or invest in a medical expert review

  • Explain the medicine

  • Detect dispositive issues

  • Identify medical expert fields that are implicated based on the issues presented

  • Select and combine medical experts for maximum economic and logistic efficiency

  • Determine the most cost-efficient order of review (if multiple experts are needed)

  • Understand the nuances of the medical-legal landscape and how they might affect the case

  • Formulate medical-legal syllogisms to ensure that each case is on solid ground

  • Appreciate and identify argument validity and fallacy

  • Adopt a sound medical-legal strategy and counter opposing strategy

We all know that some cases are straightforward, such that it is obvious who should review them. For these cases, Triage may play a small role. Others are obviously difficult, such that you know you need advice. Triage usually helps these greatly.

However, it is for the cases that appear simple but are not that Triage is most beneficial. Do you know whether you have such a case or issue? Most attorneys do not know of the existence of the majority of current medical specialties. Some attorneys are mistaken about the fields of which they are aware. Many do not fully understand the medical issues or have erroneously made assumptions about practice standards or causal relationship. Many do not realize that a well-reasoned order of medical expert evaluations (when multiple fields are implicated) could save the cost of an entire review.

Navigating the complexities of a medical case can be difficult. The attorneys who make regular use of Medilex already know the incredible value of the services we provide. Triage is the beginning of that process, providing advantages that cannot be obtained in any other way.

When I initially spoke with Michael Lavinger [Medilex], I was immediately impressed with
not only his medical knowledge and professionalism, but also his ability to promptly
understand the significant and numerous complexities of the issues involved. Working
closely with Michael, together we developed a strategy to review the case with highly
qualified experts in each of the required fields of medicine.
— Brad Kauffman, NYC Medical Malpractice Attorney