After free, no-obligation telephone Triage, your case materials may be submitted for expert review and verbal report. When time is of the essence, most medical experts can provide expedited reviews and/or written reports for an additional fee. Such cases are those requiring an initial review and verbal report within about three weeks or less, or a written report in about four weeks or less.

After your case is triaged, simply forward all relevant material to Medilex with a signed Good Faith Agreement (please inquire) and the required minimum fee, which covers the first two hours of the medical expert’s time. Material will be immediately sent to the medical expert for a thorough review and a clearly- explained, fair, honest verbal report.

It is our commitment that the cost of the initial review and verbal report will not exceed our minimum fee unless you agree in advance.

If the medical expert cannot review your case and provide a verbal report for the minimum fee, you will be told, in advance, of the exact balance. Additional hours, if any — for review and consultation (as well as research and writing, by the way) — are billed at a flat hourly rate. You can then choose either to have the medical expert complete the review by paying the balance or to cancel the review and receive a substantial refund.

Factors such as the volume of relevant material, complexity of presented issues, and legibility of documents, of course, all bear on the amount of review time needed. However, attorneys are assured that while review times may exceed that covered by the minimum fee, the ultimate control over the fee is theirs.